“We can be Human” by Vintz Desert

An acoustic song filled with steady guitar strumming, “We can be Human” by Vintz Desert feels like home. An indie folk singer-songwriter, Desert sings of a pure, safe love where he can just be himself. 

Finding a partner you feel comfortable with is tricky, and it can often feel like you have to perform in order to remain desirable. Looking for love requires awkward meetings and potential rejection; keeping love requires emotional maturity and the fear of heartbreak. The love Desert is describing is one we all hope to find. A calm love where you can be yourself and have no reservations about your partner seeing all of you. You know they accept you, and you accept them.

Desert finds beauty in simplicity with this partner. He wants to “stop and see the sights” and “count the freckles in between [their] eyes.” Mundane sightseeing and small details of his partner’s features are all Desert needs. Love lets us be human. It lets us be valuable simply because we exist. 

The acoustic setting of this track adds to its serene atmosphere. I found myself smiling unconsciously as the song went on, because it makes you feel so warm. It makes you think of the people you love, and reminds you to cherish the love they have for you. A sweet song written in admiration of a quiet love, Vintz Desert’s “We can be Human” is heartwarmingly beautiful. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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