Review & Interview: “Cozy” by Kidd Rifft

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Girl.” From the piano intro to the smoothness of Kidd Rifft’s voice, you’ll fall in love with “Cozy.” Released on February 11, 2022, just in time for Valentine’s Day, its vibes are all romance and making the woman you’re with comfortable and content. “Cozy” is reminiscent of 90’s R&B but it a wonderful blend of modern with a classic sound. Don’t be surprised if you are reminded of Boyz II Men or Jon B.

Catchy lyrics often make or break a song and this chorus has been playing in our heads all week — in the best way! “Cozy” lines up with what we want to see more of when talking about women and making sure she’s comfortable with you. Not only are these lyrics catchy, the instrumentals are well-balanced and not overwhelming making them a perfect beat to bob your head to. It’s the perfect song to share with that special someone in your life to let her know she’s safe with you.

Kidd Rifft has certainly come a long way since his debut track “Ride” in 2019 and he’s tackled a few different genres since then. He calls “Cozy” an “intimate occasion told through a marriage of groove and Contemporary R&B” and we would have to agree. It’s a perfect blend of both these genres. Stream “Cozy” now on Spotify.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Kidd Rifft’s dynamic and ever-changing artistry is bound to stimulate the world with a range from thrilling indie pop to crooning R&B.

Q&A with Kidd Rifft

Q: “Cozy” is so catchy and fun. What inspired you to write it?

KIDD RIFFT: “Cozy” was inspired by a girl I was seeing at the time. To be blunt, I met her recently after a bad relationship. From that experience, there were a lot of times when I had to gently break through some emotional barriers she had. She was scared to really open up for a while. Anytime we were together I strived to create an environment where she would feel treasured and appreciated. I wanted her to be cozy with me

Q: Walk us through the writing and production process in making “Cozy.”

KIDD RIFFT: Whenever I write I always start with the chorus. Once I know my message and how I want to say it through melody, everything else comes so fluidly. I went to my talented friend Pace.maker with my cozy chorus and he understood the assignment. I’ve worked with him before and he has a great feel for the sound I like. He challenged me a little with this one by shying away from my usual synth-pop sound by incorporating the live instruments you hear like the guitar and keys. We went for more of a bedroom pop influence with the drums and aimed to give ‘Cozy’ some late 70s flare.

Q: Your vocals are awesome! What first got you into music?

KKIDD RIFFT: Thank you! Growing up I always found myself freestyling and remixing my favorite songs from the radio. My friends always enjoyed them and really supported the idea of creating my own original songs. I also have a great mentor in my godfather, Mr. Wilson who has been performing with his own band since probably before I could walk. It was always inspiring to see him perform and watch him create from his own basement with his home studio.  In my sophomore year in college, I was finally able to make the investments to start making music independently.

Q: What projects are currently in the works?

KIDD RIFFT: I have a few album concepts in the works, but I’m currently treating all of my singles as projects. Each one I have coming has a story and it’s a lot of fun experimenting and bringing them to life.

Q: What’s the music scene like in Birmingham?

KIDD RIFFT: The music scene is up and coming and there is a lot of potential. We’re right next door to the entertainment mecca Atlanta, Georgia so opportunity is always nearby. With that being said, there are so many undiscovered gems of artists in the city. I consider us a landmine city because we’re just a step away to blow!

Q: Any parting words to your fans?

KIDD RIFFT: I appreciate every single one of you more than you know! There is a lot to look forward to from me. I’ve experienced a lot of growth both personally and with my music and it will definitely show. Kidd Rifft will be a household name soon! Love you guys!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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