“Catching Fire” by King Kismet

“Catching Fire” by King Kismet will be your new favorite pop anthem. This song covers every EDM base, complete with beat drops, hi-hat builds, and roaring 808s–but the production is not the only strength of this bonafide banger. The singer’s voice perfectly fits the genre, somehow bridging the divide between an organic and produced sound. The lyrics manage to be relatable without being too distracting, and the melody is doubtlessly expertly crafted.

This song gets straight to the point. The vocals come in immediately, crooning, “heart-broken, the night’s filled with nightmares / I feel lonely.” This theme of brooding, fear, and yearning will continue throughout the piece. As the verse plays on, an ethereal synth is joined by some driving drums, and the melody becomes slightly more urgent and complex. The remarkable thing about the vocals is that they’re used as a rhythmic device. As soon as the pre-chorus kicks in, the vocals go from being longer and held-out, to being very staccato. Each syllable emphasizes a specific subdivision of the beat–different even from what the drums and patches are emphasizing. The combination of all this creates something entrancing, complex, and frankly quite clever. The beat drop catapults us into the chorus, which does not fail to deliver. Perfectly executed vocal runs, quick-fire drum fills, and rumbling bass saturate the sound. As the verse comes back around, the listener is now anxiously anticipating the return of this euphoric moment. The last chorus unfolds in much the same way but is equally as exciting the second time around.

For a song that only lasts two minutes and twenty-three seconds, “Catching Fire” has every aspect of a great pop song. It’s danceable, has a perfect arc, and has dramatic yet relevant lyrics. There’s no doubt this would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Pop/Top 40 playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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