“Playing Out” by Yearlong

Yearlong is a four-piece punk band from the barren rural North of England that consists of Sam O’Donnell, John McArthur and brothers Aaron and Tyler Bisset. Although they are new to the scene they know who they are and what they represent. They describe their music as thick melodic guitar-work and co-ordinated dual vocals, Yearlong is shaking off the shackles of two years of lockdown and looking to be heard by as many people across the airwaves as possible.

“Playing Out” is the first single from the group, the song starts off with heavy guitar and instantly gets you hooked. They band may be new to the scene, but they sound like they’ve been around for years. They sound like you grew up on their music, “Playing Out” is a very nostalgic song that you must listen to.

Yearlong is one of those bands that is helping keep punk alive. This song makes you want to jump up and down, bounce off walls or maybe start a mosh pit yet at the same time, it is a very soothing and calming song. Yearlong is doing an excellent job at putting together an amazing song that is hard not to love. Before long, you’ll be in your room singing along like you’re in middle school.

Punk isn’t dead and it won’t ever die with bands like Yearlong.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Georgia Penny





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