“Animal” by Safari Youth

Safari Youth’s “Animal” emits an energy so electric, it’s impossible to sit still when it’s on. This song is ideal for a workout, a dance party, or for when you accidentally forgo your daily cup of coffee and need a pick-me-up. Whatever the occasion is, it’ll leave you begging for more from this acclaimed United Kingdom-based artist.

This song starts with a nearly manic drum fill, which hurls us straight into a synth riff that will, fortunately, return several times throughout. The absolute care and detail that went into just this one section of the song are undeniable. Every register is filled with something unique. The bass drives with a ferocious authority while the treble space is filled with what seem to be guitar harmonics, although they’re likely programmed.

Just as soon as it came, this riff slips away and leaves a quiet yet intense first verse. The singer renders an intoxicating pop melody, which starts low and gradually picks up momentum. As the singer cries, “I don’t think I’ll get out alive,” the accompaniment swells up and the vocals erupt in a chorus of other voices. The pre-chorus continues this build, louder and louder until the inevitable drop–at which point that delectable riff from the beginning returns in a dramatically satisfying fashion.

The second verse unfolds in a manner typical to most pop music, but just when you think you know where it’s going, you’re hit with a trumpet solo. Low pitched and warbling, this horn floats in between a gentle kick, some pitched vocals, a spacey synth, and a slew of mind-bending effects. Halted by that sick drum fill from the beginning, this section lurches right back into the iconic riff, bringing the song full circle.

A listen to “Animal” is bound to get you on your feet. Whether it’s the writing or the production, something about it feels invigorating. Safari Youth undoubtedly has some of the greatest musical intuition out there.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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