Las Vegas native Bassool’s latest track, “Power and Change,” takes the listener on a psychedelic journey. The song is a modern synth-pop track with both dream and alternative pop elements, making it a truly unique experience. The song starts off softly, then ever so slowly, the synths, keys, and Bassool’s vocals gradually get louder and more powerful. “Power and Change” is a must-listen for any music fans that love music that feel nostalgic yet modern at the same time. “Power and Change” is just that: something that all generations will love.

Bassel Atuout (Bassool) is a multi-talented instrumentalist, artist, vocalist, and graphic designer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Amazingly, he creates all of the fantastic sounds that are heard in his music from the comfort of his own bedroom. His music takes the listener on a dream-like trip: 80s synths and Bassool’s tonal, unique vocals, all creating the ultimate chill vibe. Bassool’s remarkable talent as a vocalist, producer, and instrumentalist shines through on “Power and Change.”

“Power and Change” is extraordinary because the listener catches onto something different each time. For example, when listening for the first time, the almost static TV-like instrumental takes a back seat as  the synths have such a powerful, gripping sound.

There is so much to explore on this track: gritty background sounds, psychedelic synths, and high-pitched keys. Bassool’s vocals are silky-smooth: slow-building, simple yet complicated. Whereas the background instrumental gives an 80s synths vibe, Bassool’s voice adds a 2000s alternative pop voice; Perfectly all together creating a genuinely unique art-pop track. 

Photo Creds: Kenzley Buchanan

Written by Melissa Cusano

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