‘Raise a Spark’ by Joshi Young

Sometimes, we don’t need a banger to boost our energy. Sometimes we just need something to relate to. That’s why slower and emotional tracks will always have just as much of a place in the world of music. If you’re feeling lonely, disconnected even, you’ll find that you’re not alone. German artist Joshi Young has just released his latest single ‘Raise a Spark,’ and he hits on this topic perfectly within both the music and lyrics.

As Joshi Young describes ‘Raise a Spark’ himself, it’s “pure emotions.” In the music, the somber and slow beat provides a great basis for the emotion of the song. It’s creative in the way it works with different synth sounds, and the trap drums keep themselves reserved, not throwing in too much energy for the vibe of the track. The vocals in this piece provide the perfect hit. They’re delivered with raw emotion. It’s less forceful than some other hip-hop and done in the right way. Their slight emotional scratch really hits the concept and feeling behind the track, and they bump up its hit straight to the heart.

The lyrics of ‘Raise a Spark’ focus on the idea of living a life without love in it. It captures a distinct loneliness and a feeling of being dead to the world. Empty. It’s a feeling many of us know all too well, which is what makes this track a real tearjerker. Beautifully written, ‘Raise a Spark’ paints its lyricism with lines such as, “Say can you raise my heartbeat? / Say who can move my body? / Inside I feel so cold / My heart is full of mold.” This is one of those tracks that sets a beautiful poem to music, and it rounds itself out to build the emotional punch that it needs. It’s hard to believe that 50% of the words rest on freestyling, as it’s so well-worded. Freestyling such deep and introspective lines takes so much wit, and it leaves room for emotion to be delivered as it’s felt.

Joshi Young is a hip-hop musician based in Hanover, Germany. He’s known for working a lot with synthy trap beats and delving into different energy levels and concepts throughout his discography. Joshi has shown that he has the capacity to pull out both bangers and heartstring-pulling tracks. He has a focus on using his music to deliver an emotional impact to those listening, that being by either having something to bring up the energy or something emotional and relatable. Joshi Young already has a discography that displays this, and he’s sure to drop some more great music soon.

Written by Sage Plapp




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