Artist Am3r3 is the only band member, and he plays various vintage analog synthesizers with his MacBook computer to make these weird sounds come to life. He started making music using synthesizers after listening to the album “Graduation” by Kanye West. He got obsessed with making sounds using toy keyboards he found at a garage sale. “Jaded” is his third song in his ongoing synth-dominated cyberpunk-Esque meets pop music journey.

Have you ever had a night where you couldn’t sleep and you just felt so restless, you can’t get a particular person off your mind. This song is about having sleepless nights thinking and overthinking how someone you cared about is now a different person. How you used to like someone, but now your likeness is faded because they changed, and now you are jaded because they are acting jaded. The feeling of losing trust in someone or experiencing and feeling different about someone that you once cared a lot about.

“Jaded” and “Jaded (Instrumental)” is the perfect combination, something you need to listen to back to back. When listening to “Jaded” you are sad that it’s ended because you needed more..you didn’t get enough. That’s is why the instrumental version is perfect, it is the cherry on top of the ice cream.

This psychedelic song will transport you anywhere you need to go, whether you want to think about your past or try to figure out your future..this is a great song to think to, to let your mind explore it’s thoughts. “Jaded” will quickly become one of your top songs and you won’t regret listening to it.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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