“Silent Cheers” by Hollow Pledge

From Philadelphia, PA comes three friends known as Hollow Pledge. It all started as an idea by lead vocalist Julio Tirado, and later Patrick Daniels and Mike Preston joined to complete the three piece. With their latest EP “Silent Cheers”, Hollow Pledge was aiming to blend elements of Pop Punk and Post Hardcore with a Progressive touch.

The versatility of this EP allows them to reach a large variety of listeners and perform in many different music scenes. Silent Cheers say they have something for everybody and they are sure to resonate with those who enjoy upbeat, high energy instrumentals layered with catchy and relatable lyrics.

“Statistically Speaking” opens the EP, it starts with a melodic fast paced song that instantly gets you hooked into the “Silent Cheers”. You won’t be able to stop yourself from head banging then lighting your lighter during the slower/sadder parts. It is a love song that’ll tug on your emo heart strings. The guitar solo with the heavy drums will leave you bouncing off the walls before they slow it back down.

*clears throat*

The band keeps the slower pace with their next song “Up and Up”, this is their most popular single with over 40,000 listens. It’s obvious why it’s so popular, the nostalgic feel to the song, the relatable lyrics, and the smooth vocals of Julio makes the perfect combination for a hit song.

“House Lights” is showing off their more upbeat/pop punk side. You immediately get a huge smile on your face when you hear this song, even though you don’t know it, there is a unique familiarity to it. It transports you back to middle school, in your beginning emo stages. This song is perfect for letting loose.

The EP “Silent Cheers” comes to an end with “What I Need”, Juilo has crisp, clear vocals in this song along with Patrick and Mike providing a fresh sound as well. This is the song you play on repeat because you can’t get enough of Hollow Pledge.

It’s always sad when an EP or album comes to an end, but it’s a great thing that there is a repeat button. That is all you’re going to want to do with “Silent Cheers”….repeat repeat repeat. It’s addicting.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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