“Forget How To Speak” by Joe Traxler

Enjoy and relax to singer-songwriter Joe Traxler’s song “Forget How To Speak,” a song that blends synth-pop with indie-rock. Not only do you find yourself addicted to the way the track sounds, but you also find yourself relating to the lyrics.

Traxler connects to the audience with “Forget How To Speak” through the record’s meaning, which talks about how communicating and expressing yourself with a romantic partner seems difficult and can be overwhelming. However, Traxler sure did find a way to express this concept perfectly through refreshing synths, beautiful melodic guitars, and the track’s groove.

The listener is blessed to go through this mesmerizing journey with the dreamy instrumentals. The song includes movement, emotion, passion, and intimacy — which makes it easy for the audience to connect with the artist.

The cherry on top with this piece is most definitely Traxler’s hypnotic vocals. Traxler doesn’t hesitate to grasp the audience’s attention using the singer’s fascinating and soulful yet soft voice. While the vocal harmonies are heard, they are very faint, resulting in Traxler as the main voice heard — not saying it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s impressive considering we can still hear Traxler with the instrumentals and no one is drowning out the other.

“Forget How To Speak” is Traxler’s first release since the start of the new year. If you enjoyed listening to the track, you are encouraged to check out the artist’s other works on all music streaming platforms and to follow Traxler on social media.

Written by Taylor Berry

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