“Castles in the Snow” by Lara Snow

Singer-songwriter Lara Snow broke into the new year with her latest release “Castles in the Snow,” an amusing and uplifting track about the singer’s continuing adoration for music, in which she endures the pain and the chase that comes along with it. The eclectic electro-pop record comprises inspirational lyrics and beautiful vocals that Snow incorporated to deliver this sublime message.

Snow collaborated with London-based producer Miedo Total and Jonatan Harpak to record “Castle in the Snow” while in London.

Undoubtedly, the most memorable part of the song is the chorus with its anthemic lyrics and strong bass and percussion presence — these two really drive song the entire time. 

The synth-infused instrumental melodies are heard but take the backseat a bit to where Snow’s angelic voice grabs the ear’s attention. An admirable aspect of the song is the fact that it continues to build and maintains its high energy and vibrance.

So far, “Castle in the Snow” is Snow’s seventh release. The singer has five songs on her EP “Delete Forever,” in which her latest release will be the last addition to the EP. Despite being an emerging artist, the indie-pop musician has received a lot of streams on Spotify, especially her track “Swim Far,” which received over 120,000 streams. “Delete Forever” reached over 260,000 streams on Spotify and over 250,000plays on YouTube in less than six months.

Snow is an absolutely phenomenal artist that is continuing to bloom in her music career.

Written by Taylor Berry

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