“Nightmares” by ETHOS XCIX

Minneapolis-based artist ETHOS XCIX is taking things to the next level with his newest single “Nightmares” by expanding to the brokenhearted audience. In this track, ETHOS is channeling parts of past relationships and combining the mental struggles of those former relationships with dubstep and trap.

You can definitely tell that this track’s going to be a bit more emotional just by how it starts. You have this melancholy guitar melody playing and things start to enhance as the beat, bass, and haunting backing vocals emerge.

There’s no denying that the emo rap style in the track does dramatize the emotions in the piece but it works — if ETHOS is going to address heartbreak in this piece, dramatizing is just the way to go — he didn’t hold back when constructing the song! It has awesome dynamics and great blend with the vocals, bass, beats, and drops — it’s relieving when a song has so much going on but nothing overpowers anything.

“Nightmares” is more sentimental than the musician’s other works but there’s still some bite in the track. It’s commendable that ETHOS is showing his audience other sides of him, which is extremely important if an artist wants to connect with the audience.

ETHOS has more music for you all to enjoy, which you can listen to on all music streaming platforms. If “Nightmares” is the first time you’re discovering the musician, you’re encouraged to explore some of his earlier works and to follow him on his music journey.

Written by Taylor Berry

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