“Deep” by The Graes

The Graes, a North Carolina married indie-folk/indie-pop duo is sending all the positive vibes and messages to everyone in the world through their most recent song “Deep” — and it’s an absolute breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, we are still stuck in this pandemic. And while it may have brought blessings to people, it was the opposite for many. The pandemic has left a lot of people suffering with loneliness, especially those who relied on social interactions to maintain some sanity. However, the duo successfully created a masterpiece that will most guaranteed entertain and uplift.

The acoustics in the song contributes to the easy listening nature the track has. It’s remarkable how the duo aims to lift spirts with their moving piece yet maintains the vibrancy through its upbeat tempo. The harmonies are flawless and proves just how well the two work together. The blend of the instrumentals and vocals are spectacular, no one was overpowering — the listener can equally hear every aspect of the song.

The lyricism in this piece is refreshing and conveys the track’s message beautifully. While “Deep” is for everyone to listen to, it’s mainly for those who are struggling and are deep in their misery. The Graes are extending their hand to pull each of those that feel as though they hit rock bottom and letting them know that they aren’t alone.

Overall, the duo is outstanding and, so far, this is only their fifth released single. We can’t wait to hear more!

Written by Taylor Berry

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