“Carve Me Out / My Head is a Tomb” by Transy Warhol

Andy Warhol…..Transy Warhol, both artists in their own unique way. Five piece band Transy Warhol consists of lead singer Ruby del Mar (she/they), Adri Hullet as lead guitarist(she/her), Simone Thomas is the rhythm guitarist(she/they), bassist Louise Montalvo(she/her), and drummer Calliope (Calli) Davishines(she/her).

They are an all trans-femme queer punk band from Austin, Texas that writes songs about the pressures and fantasies of everyday trans lives, they aim to give the weird queer kids in the back something to dance to. They are described as 80s post punk mixed with 70s punk/psychobilly, with a dash of Warhol Factory goodness.

The single was recorded at The Shire Studios in Austin by genderqueer producer Jared Wenkman

Transy Warhol is breaking the ice by being different and unapologetically themselves, they truly are punk. You shouldn’t judge someone because you never know how hard they’re judging themselves. “Carve Me Out” is mostly about the gender dysphoria that most trans people feel, presented as a voice in your head telling you that all those negative thoughts are true.

“Carve Me Out” is lyrically and instrumentally a beautiful mosh worthy song. When lead singer Ruby and rhythm guitarist Simone vocally collab it just makes you want to open the pit and let the stress and negativity disappear. It provides the psychedelic vibe you need to space out and head bang.

It’s important to not stay too spaced out, you don’t want to confuse reality with your mentality. “My Head is a Tomb” is about depersonalization and disassociation with ones body, feeling less than human. This song is keeping true to an 80s post punk vibe, Ruby’s vocals really provides the dark aspect to the song.

This song gives the vibes of being under a red light with your favorite outfit on, everything is dark expect “Transy Warhol” who is under a spotlight on the stage, and they are putting you in a trance. It’s very 80s, very dark and very vampiric while giving you a message of disassociation.

Transy Warhol is new to the scene but they are already becoming a well known band in the Austin area. Punks don’t care who you are, as long as you make good music and that is why everyone who hears Transy Warhol instantly get hooked.

If you’re local to Austin you can get your fix and see them play Friday Feb 25th at Kick Butt Coffee at 9pm. They put on a show that you cannot forget.

“Trans people need more than just music to be sad to. Transition is about happiness, and change, and joy, so let’s give them something to dance to.” – Ruby del Mar (Lead Singer)

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Kevin Overholster, MSG Productions





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