“Harvest the Moon” by Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner’s “Harvest the Moon” proves that a great song doesn’t need too many bells and whistles. Daniel’s lyrics are bursting with imagery, his chord choices are always rewarding, and the minimalist production style compliments the emotional integrity of the song.

The track begins with some layered acoustic guitars and a distant, reverb-drenched voice foreshadowing the chorus melody. In the background, there’s a wash of white noise, almost like the sound of the city from a window. The first line glides in– “Tuck my heart into your room / Until our season’s out of bloom.” The white noise rings out for the first half of this line but fades for the second, creating a symbolic connection between the sound vanishing and the relationship waning. The following lyrics are also accompanied by similar, subtle production details; an occasional flourish of synth, or a slightly different acoustic melody.

As soon as the chorus comes around, the chords take center stage. The lyrics are relatively uncomplicated, as Lerner sings, “Harvest, harvest the moon / By August I’ll get it to you.” However, the chords inject the lyrics with a feeling somewhere between sentimentality and heartbreak. In the span of roughly eight bars and sixteen words, the chorus grounds the message and ambiance of the song with a sense of effortlessness.

The second verse incorporates a few artistic melody changes, as well as some more lyrical imagery. A double-chorus splashed with additional lyrics heightens the melancholy and eventually concludes the song. As the acoustic guitar dissolves, the white noise returns–this time in the form of a cheering crowd. Just as the background noise held significance in the beginning, here it conveys something optimistic.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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