XIXI (pronounced “eleven eleven”), is an American music producer from Landover, Maryland. His music career began at age 8 playing drums with the go-go band “The Yunga Bucks”. He is now continuing his career in Washington, D.C. which where the EP was recorded.

The 22 minute instrumental concept album “Boog” was released on 2/22/22. According to XIXI, “Boog” is a blend of his different musical influences and tells the story of an up-and-coming artist who lives the fast life and ultimately pays the price. The intention of the musicality and order of the songs is to take the listener on a tour of different sections of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The EP starts the story with “Drive”, it begins with an intense quote from Snowfall seasons 3 & 4:

“Now if you have any constructive ideas to help me get through this shit, then I promise you. I’m listening, I promise. But if not, if not, then please keep your heads down, keep your mouths shut and let me get us out of this, like I got us out of every motherfucking thing else!” “DRIVE MOTHAFUCKA”

As soon as the beat drops, you hit that stank face and the first thing you want to do is freestyle on it. XIXI is telling a story while also providing you a chance to tell your own story within his. The open ended beat to “Drive” gives you a chance to dance, vibe, hop on the mic, whatever it may be. He is providing the mood with “Drive”.

The next two songs “222” and “8409 Hamilton St” continues the story with a collaboration from Elyscia and DJ Alizay. In “222” Elysica and XIXI keep it relaxed and comfortable and a little bit sexy. XIXI then switches the mood with DJ Alizay and brings the beat up with “What the fuck are they yelling?” It makes you wonder, damn, what are they yelling?

If you have ever had your heart broken then you will instantly relate to HrtBrkR, the fourth song of the EP “Boog”. This slow, melodic song takes you back to the 80s, with the slow snaps and the shoulder shrugs. It reminds you of ever love scene from the 80s and 90s movies. It takes you back, it has a very nostalgic feel.

The EP comes to an end with “PG County”, a tribute to Prince George’s County, Maryland. This is the song you play after a long road trip of seeing your friends and you are sad to be leaving. From “Drive” to “8409 Hamilton St” to “PG County”, it’s safe to say that XIXI achieved the goal of taking you on a tour.

The album will be accompanied by a short film that will be released to youtube on 3/22/22.

On 4/22/22 XIXI will release the chopped and screwed version

Written by Jaye Maverick




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