“Think Safely” by Think Sanity

Think Sanity is back with another album, “Think Safely”. The four piece emo rock band from Anniston, Alabama came together in late 2020. The group consists of lead singer Andie Johnson, Trent Johnson as bass guitarist, Jack vermuth is the lead guitarist and Christopher Collins is on the drums.

This album “Think Safely” was released on 2/19/22 and was recorded in Nashville Tennessee at wire bird productions with producer and sound engineer Brett Ryan Stewart. All the lyrics and music were written by the band directly.

Think Sanity calls themselves an emo band and they tend to focus writing about dealing with mental health. Although they said that they do like to dip their toes into things like Godzilla marvel and other strange topics along the way. They also encourage you to learn more about their daily lives via their podcast “Think Sanity Podcast”.

“Trainwreck” starts the album off and it gets right into the grit of it. Sometimes you may be a bit toxic, sometimes your partner may be a bit toxic. The important thing is knowing that you are the problem in that moment and sometimes that is fine. Being off the rails isn’t a bad thing and you’re not a bad person for not always staying on the right track. “Trainwreck” provides that point of view, the song makes you feel like you are not alone.

The savior complex…it can be a bitch to deal with. “Heroin(E)” is about someone essentially “saving you” and you see them as this God like creature that is above anything else, including yourself. They make you feel like you need them or you can’t survive. This song is relatable on all levels, the guitar and the lyrics really tie the emotional aspects of it together, it’s almost jazzy.

Have you ever been broke? “Cardboard Box” explains the feeling of scraping for money. Think Sanity has a way of making every song they make relatable, they sing and play about things most people that most people are even too scared to think about, let alone talk about. They make you want to open up.

“Closest to Happy” was one of the singles to be released for this album. It follows the struggles that lead singer Andie deals with on a weekly basis. Depression can secretly take its toll on anyone and over 30,000 people seem to understand that as well, this is one of their top songs to date. Feeling like you’re alone is one of the worst feeling. Think Sanity’s music makes you feel safe.

Talking about mental health can make some people wildly uncomfortable but more people are getting on board with going to therapy and talking about their feelings and not holding them in. Bands like Think Sanity make it even easier to want to talk about how you feel and get in touch with your emotions. Bands like Think Sanity will always be loved because they make music for real people.

Think Sanity is serious music for people who struggle to be serious. Meaning that whereas we like to put on the front that everything is okay and we’re happy deep down we’re dealing with a lot and we want our music to be able to help people while they can still have fun. -Jack (Lead Guitarist)

“We are Think Sanity, and as always… Think Safely” – Andie, Chris, Jack, and Trent

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Sydney Bree Artistry





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