“Rosemary” by The Prickly Pair

Photo Credit: Spencer Shapeero

It’s not hard to lose faith in, well almost anything, especially in recent years. This is why “Rosemary” by The Prickly Pair may hit home with more than just those who like their music encased in enriched Americana vibes. 

Anytime a song opens with a line as strong as, “Lately I’ve been looking like I need a stiff drink or Jesus in my life,” it’s hard to not want to unravel the rest. What followed that whopping first line was like if one took the heart of Americana and slathered it in angst-ridden emo delights. The Prickly Pair wasn’t afraid to be brash in their debut single and air their grievances with the world, situations, and in the case of “Rosemary,” the people who’ve let them down. There’s also a one-of-a-kind line that’s not done justice simply written, but it expresses how it’s strange how humans can do so much damage to one another. That line, along with the first, makes “Rosemary” a standout from a songwriting perspective. 

Musically, again, this song is reminiscent of the type of music one would hear playing alongside the likes of Frank Turner; that rebellious spirit delivered with emotive realism thanks to Irene Greene. The way her voice comes through and balances out with Mason Summit’s sonic soundscape gives way to a song with actual weight and merit to it. 

“Rosemary” kicks off with a striking sentiment, and by the end gives way to someone who took a shot of whisky and called it a day. A relatable song from a pair out of, of all places, Los Angeles. So for those who love for more alternative takes on Americana, or just those who want a song that goes great with a shot at sundown, check out The Prickly Pair’s debut, “Rosemary,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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