“Dear,” by The NGHBRS

Rising Artists had the privilege of reviewing Los Angeles-based act The NGHBRS’ (Ryan Venezia) tracks “Better Off” and “Important,” two amazing tracks that are on his now released EP titled, “Dear,.” The five-song record also includes “Chance On You,” “Better for You,” and “Last Letter,” which the one-man band produced, wrote, mixed, and mastered all by himself — now, if that doesn’t scream dedication and talent, what does?

“Chance On You,” a cute romantic song produced beautifully with crisp and clean instrumentals and soulful vocals, starts off the EP. The beat and vocals are most definitely the most alluring factors about the song. Have fun getting lost in the catchy lyrics and gorgeous melody!

Venezia shows off his lyrical skills in the second song, “Better for You,” which drips of NGHBRS’ swagger. The rhythm and beat succeeds in capturing the listener’s attention. Throughout the EP, you hear a lot of finger snaps, which you fall in love with because they fit the tracks.

“Important” is an easy listening song with Venezia blessing us with more of his sexy and raspy voice. “Better Off” is one of the slower songs on the EP with soft instrumentation. The lyrics are relatable and easy to remember. If Venezia performed this live, it wouldn’t be hard for his audience to catch on.

“Last Letter” is the last song on the EP, but certainly not the least important part of the record. You’re drawn to the rhythm of this track and left disappointed when it ends abruptly, which happens throughout the EP.

Overall, “Dear,” is a fantastic EP that was produced beautifully. It’s amazing how Venezia worked on the entire thing by himself, which shows that he is truly a professional and skilled with his musical talents — there are no doubts that The NGHBRS will go far in his music career! You can find this EP on all music streaming platforms, and if you enjoy music from The NGHBRS, then feel free to follow him on all social media platforms to follow him on his music journey. Venezia is a true star!

Written by Taylor Berry

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