“Sundays in the South” by The Thing With Feathers

Leave it to The Thing With Feathers, a band from the heart of Tennessee, to keep their audience engaged with their ever-changing sound, tone, and mood in their music. Though, one thing remains constant: they make some damn good music!

Rising Artists has reviewed and interviewed the four-member group in the past for different songs of theirs, so it’s irrefutable that we are familiar with their music. And one thing a person can gather from listening to their tunes is that the band will never serve their audience the same shit over and over again — there’s no telling whether a song’s going to be pop or rock-focused, fast or slow, or romantic or heartbreaking.

So, when the band released their newest single “Sundays in the South,” which is also the title of their debut EP, the quality of it wasn’t so surprising, but the soothing nature of it was. It’s an acoustic, easy-listening, euphoric track with great dynamics in the instrumentation and vocals. You get caught up in the warmth and smooth texture to where you linger in it a little longer as the song fades away at the end.

The song is last on the five-track record and fits perfectly — listeners can get a glimpse of a different side of the band and connect with them even more.

“Sundays in the South” is an incredibly intimate song with beautiful and relatable lyrics — they aren’t too complex, just perfect enough for people to understand and feel.

The Thing With Feathers is talented and deserves all the success they receive. In fact, their “Light Down Low” music video was added to MTV’s “Spankin’ New” video channel. Congrats, TTWF!

Written by Taylor Berry

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