“I Want the Truth” by Malin Wättring

Malin Wättring, the singer, songwriter, and composer from Sweden is beginning her new era of music with the latest track “I Want The Truth”. Wättring’s almost cry-like vocals are so breathtaking; One can hear the pain and emotion in her voice. Wättring’s impeccable range is showcased in the track, switching from a deep-toned vocal to soprano. Alongside her voice are soaring guitars, hard-hitting drums, and compelling background vocals.

Being a musician for the past 10 years, Malin Wättring is an established saxophonist and composer. “I Want The Truth” is Wättring straying from this genre, going full-on rock on this track. The song is reminiscent of 90s rock bands like The Cranberries and Garbage, but along with her soft and emotional voice, a singer-songwriter element is introduced. The song truly takes the listener on a journey: starting off with Wättring’s raspy, euphonious voice accompanied by a subtle guitar that slowly builds up. As Wättring’s vocals get more emotional, the instrumental builds up along with her, taking the listener on an emotional, dream-like ride. 

According to Wättring, the track is about a relationship she had 10 years ago: “I wrote the lyrics to I want the truth 10 years ago. I was in a relationship that I felt lacked openness and honesty and I wrote about what I was longing for. Today the words mean something else to me. I feel like I’m singing to my inner child, telling her that she is OK as she is, and that I’m asking her to dare to be vulnerable and present in my life.”

“I Want The Truth” is officially out today, February 25th, 2022, released by the feminist record label PACAYA records. Be on the lookout for the music video that will come out two weeks later, and Wättring’s upcoming album “Songs of Wounds and Healing”, set to be released on March 25th, 2022!

Photo Credits: Amanda Andréas

Written by Melissa Cusano

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