“Afraid” by Bobby Part Time

Bobby Part Time’s second song of 2022 “Afraid” was released on February 18, 2022, and points to all the things people are hesitant about when dating. “Afraid” tells the story of being afraid to start a new relationship. Does the risk outweigh the benefit? We have all wondered that I’m sure, especially after facing betrayal before. Maybe some of us have even completely avoided dating anyone because of it. 

“Afraid” begins with starting a relationship and ends with a breakup, just as we knew was going to happen, and the instrumentals build up with the story. Four chords on the piano start us off, hesitant like the first date, before being joined by the rest of the instrumentals and starting the lyrics: “I refuse to hide ‘cause I’m tired of looking away | I gave you all my time when the truth is that I was afraid.” 

With lines like “guess I’m easy to replace” and “slipper didn’t fit, not my Cinderella,” it’s easy to connect with this song. Who hasn’t felt like they were easy to replace or realized someone wasn’t right for them? Haven’t we all struggled with these feelings as we date?

Bobby Part Time debuted in April 2021 with his release “Clockin’ In” and is heavily influenced by Lil Wayne and Jack Harlow but he began as half of the duo 2WhiteBoys, which he formed with his cousin. He leans into his Philadelphia roots for some catchy wordplay. You can expect to see more of Bobby Part Time for the foreseeable future given his full release schedule.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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