“Innocent Fades” by October Brigade

The powerful energy of the Chicago based duo October Brigade’s latest release, “Innocent Fades” is breath taking and beautiful. As with any release by these talentedThe powerful energy of the Chicago-based duo October Brigade’s latest release, “Innocent Fades” is breathtaking and beautiful. Collaborating with Liel Bar-Z, this newest song is stunning. As with any release by these talented musicians, it tells a powerful story that pushes and pulls at your heartstrings. Eerie piano pairs with the powerful vocals phenomenally allowing the lyrics to soar.

Dense harmonies push and pull at the texture as the vocals lead the song through its different moods. Boomy drums make everything feel huge without pulling the attention from the lead melody. What always impresses me about October Brigade is the group’s genre-bending style. Driven by intensity and emotion, there’s never a dull moment. Delicate piano lines transition seamlessly into beautiful synth pads. No matter what is happening in the instrumental, however, the incredible vocals were impossible to ignore. Their strength and charisma defined “Innocent Fades” sound and captured the essence of the song phenomenally.

Every single repetition left me more hooked. From the adventurous storytelling to how passionately it was delivered I was enchanted and awed. Vivid and concise, the lyricism gave “Innocent Fades” its color and tone. Like watching a really good movie, the ending is somber and has you thinking about what you just experienced.

Constantly beautiful and innovative, this latest release is a great demonstration of both October Brigade, and Liel Bar-Z’s talent. Both the vocals and the instrumental would constantly bolster one another’s sound through the push and pull of the mood. A chilling and gorgeous listening experience.

“Innocent Fades” by October Brigade is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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