‘A Love Long Gone’ by Joey Collins

It can be hard to find a song that’s so emotional it punches you straight in the gut. That’s what makes it such an experience like no other. There are tons of sad songs out there, but it can be hard to capture that feeling in such a deep and dark way. Joey Collins captures this sort of pure emotion in his latest single ‘A Love Long Gone.’ This track tells a tale of heartbreak, tattered memories, and broken reminiscence.

‘A Love Long Gone’ pulls you straight into a somber and gorgeous atmosphere. The bright instrumentation and soft vocal tone hit in a way that pulls right on the heartstrings. The vocals deliver raw emotion, and they jump into a truly powerful belt at the end of the track. The guitar and drums build in such a cohesive way, keeping a slow and steady pace, drawing out the emotion of the piece. ‘A Love Long Gone’ is extremely cinematic and captures the perfect picture with its dreamy production. This track is powerful in both musical writing and performance, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it.

If you really take time to explore the lyrics of heartbreak in this track, you’ll probably cry at least once. Maybe two or three times, but who’s really counting? It starts with the moment the voice of the song meets their lover, and it slowly unravels into disaster; Disaster so powerful it taints those memories but implants them in the brain for what seems like an eternity. ‘A Love Long Gone tells the tale of not quite being able to get over it, and it’s done in a powerful way. These are lyrics that deliver the emotional punch that might just knock you down.

Nottingham-based musician and producer Joey Collins got his start releasing music in 2019. He already has a vibrant, and increasingly vast, discography. He’s also placed on the top 25 most played artist of the midlands music scene and has garnered recognition from BBC and Dean Jackson. ‘A Love Long Gone’ is a great first release in 2022, and it plays well on his minimal and introspective sound. Joey Collins has an interesting discography that plays on tons of different instrumentations and genres. You’ll never guess what he’ll end up doing next.

Written by Sage Plapp





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