“Pour Another” by Mia Mormino

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Mia Mormino did not hold back in her sexy and sassy song “Pour Another.” According to the beautiful artist, the track represents the sin of Gluttony (excess eating or drinking) and is apart of her 2021 collection of songs called The Seven Deadly Sing-gles. Each song she released is based on one of the seven deadly sins.

With “Pour Another,” Mormino successfully lures in her audience and holds their attention through her addicting beat, personality, and singing style. And there’s no denying that the music video is intriguing to watch — great visuals!

There are great dynamics in the instrumentals and vocals, and the two blends well together. It’s amazing how Mormino displays her vocal range beautifully and effortlessly. Mormino’s lyrical skills are impeccable. With lyrics like “I tried to play nice but my mind is watered down // with the lies that the bottle seem to tell // they trick me ‘cuz that whiskey turns sixes into nine.”

“What better way to close out my seven deadly sing-gles project then with a song about sinning on multiple levels. The song indirectly and unintentionally mentions all seven sins at one point or another and I love it.” — Mia Mormino.

Mormino is a beautiful artist who will go far in her music career. Just from the sounds of her music, she’s going to have many people liking her music and wanting to follow her as she continues down her path. Great song, Mormino!

Written by Taylor Berry

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