“Find My Way” by Jineo

For those who are looking to find their way, add “Find My Way” by Jineo, an incredible song that have different genres fused together to produce a unique sound, which was Jineo’s goal. According to the artist, “Find My Way” is about knowing that the good will turn up in the end. It’s about having hope and faith through difficult times and seeing that the sun comes after the rain.

“Find My Way” has different vibes that somehow work really well together. Jineo combines ‘80s vibes with an acoustic sound and EDM. So, you have this humble and uplifting song that makes you want to dance as well. It’s extremely beautiful how well all of these elements combine and blend perfectly.

The highlight of the song, for me, would have to be the layers of voices on top of each other and there’s this sort of pause in the instrumentals to allow those vocals to shine.

“Find My Way” is uplifting and, undoubtedly, is going to help many people out there who are lost and looking to find their way. Artists who use their platform to encourage people and to give them hope deserves a lot of recognition and Jineo deserves it for this positive song.

This is a project Jineo started all by himself after 20 years of composing and producing for other people. It’s exciting to see him putting himself out there and showing the world what he can do. Thank you, Jineo!

Written by Taylor Berry

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