“Reach Out” – by Yana

The world is not okay. We as a society are not okay. It’s also far from okay that no one is talking about all of this more, and louder. With all of that said, Yana decided to tackle mental health with “Reach Out,” the first single from her upcoming 2022 debut. 

“You hear people say, it’s gonna be okay.” 

This is more than a line in a song, but a dose of our everyday reality as the news cycle has been a constant state of chaos for…the counts have been lost. Despite the madness of the world that in many ways likely inspired this song, “Reach Out” comes through in a rather calming manner. In an almost spoken-word delivery with some harmonious moments, Yana gives way to a well-thought-out narrative that dives into an issue close to the singer-songwriter’s heart. “Reach Out” is a song that despite its more alternative folk ways, can touch the lot as the world needs a constant reminder that it’s okay to seek out help when necessary. 

Born in the Czech Republic, Yana made her way to Dublin. Today, her adopted Irish heart shines in her music as she embraces Celtic influences and adapts them to her style. A style listeners will hear more from when her debut, ‘Journey of the Soul,’ drops in fall 2022. “Reach Out” is just a sample of what’s to come from Yana’s said debut, and it’s out now on all major music and streaming platforms to take in now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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