“See The Sun” by Gully

Born in Portsmouth and currently residing in Bristol, comes solo artist Gully. He is a crazy talented artist, Gully does vocals, keys, drums, guitar, bass, synth, trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. Gully grew up playing as a pub pianist in Portsmouth throughout his youth and he is showing his talents through his new single “See The Sun”.

“See The Sun” is a very energetic and upbeat song with slow tendencies. Gully is showcasing all of his instrumental talents in this song, his vocals being something that is unmatched. Gully said “See the Sun” is on one hand a self-interrogation; a turbulent battle with the artistic doubts of such things as whether I’ve “got my lines right” as well as then rebutting with self assurance by way of the funky brass-accompanied mantra that I won’t stop until I see the Sun”

You are your biggest critic, it’s extremely easy to beat yourself up over things that are so miniscule. It’s even easier to doubt almost every decision you make, Gully is writing music about real life experiences such as that. The mix of instruments and is vocals makes this quite the unique song.

Gully is quickly taking over the scene, with over 55,000 listens on his biggest hit “Rain”, it’s no doubt that “See The Sun” will surpass that. It’s hard to not fall in love with artist such as Gully, he is making relatable lyrics with magical instruments. You don’t want to miss out on Gully.

“From the same singer who brought you ‘Rain’ in 2019, I wish you all less wet forecasts in 2022. For fans of: puppies, hugs, chocolate, world peace.” -Gully

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Luke Shadrick




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