“The Story” by Everything but the Everything

From Oakland, CA comes Everything But The Everything they are a collaborative project lead by Izzy The Gent. Izzy writes the music and calls his friends to helps songs, such as Sophia Prise. She is the vocalist on the single “The Story”. The drummer is Landon Cisneros, on synths is Andrew Gomez and the infamous Izzy The Gent on guitar and bass guitar and last but not least, producer Rex Shelverton.

Fun fact, when the drummer, Landon Cisneros heard Sophia’s vocals track, he said “Whoa! She is really singing that track! I’m going to have to make sure I match her intensity.”

“The Story” is the about the weight of the troubles in the world that bring us down and are spoon fed to us every day via the daily news. The story changes every day. Majority of the time, watching the news makes you depressed and confused, you almost feel brainwashed. “The Story” provides a post punk/80s vibe that makes you think and dance.

The vocals of Sophia Prise perfectly fit in this song, she provides exactly what the song needs. “The Story” is a very nostalgic song while providing a fresh feel, it makes you feel like you’re in an underground club, with your eyes closed and just vibing away.

Izzy The Gent has provided the world with great music from various amazing artists. “The Story” is keeping true to post punk, it gives you dancing, vibing, and makes you want to be in a dimly lit room. You don’t want to miss out on Everything but the Everything, they are an amazing collaboration.

“During the time I’ve known Sophia Prise and through the progression of our musical paths. I know we are both dreamers who chase their dreams.” -Izzy

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Alise Albitre




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