“Another Cloud” by Bones in Butter

“Another Cloud” from Bones is Butter is sang and played by Milutin Krasevic as vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics…Luna Skopelja is also on vocals and synths….Todor Zivkovic is the guitarist and FX….Srdjan Popov is on bass…and drummer Marcelo Effori. Bones in Butter is a five piece from Belgrade, Serbia and has been active since 2019, but this particular line-up was established right at the start of the lockdown.

“Another Cloud” is a dystopian and nostalgic song, it’s sort of a love song. This song makes you want turn on a red light, close your eyes and just vibe away, it truly is a spectacular song. You can’t put a song like this in just one category, Bones in Butter as their own unique style.

Have you ever had a dream that felt so really and for a slight moment, you couldn’t tell if you were in reality or if you were dreaming? Essentially that is what “Another Cloud” is about, jumping from cloud to cloud until you settle on your reality.

Bones in Butter is a band of its own kind, they don’t make music that just anyone can make. Lyrically and instrumentally they make relatable music that makes it easy to love. The lyric video is just as amazing, with the background and they placed the lyrics perfectly which makes it easy to follow along.

It is easy to see why they have thousands of listens on various songs, they make unique and relatable music. Bones in Butter is a must listen to band. If you want to have a good time and get out of your head, listen to Bones in Butter.

“Bones in Butter—successfully evading genres since 2019.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Christopher Banks




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