“Say Yes” by Cris Cap (feat. Junior)

“Say Yes” by Cris Cap (featuring Junior), a retro soul/pop song, is encouraging listeners to not be afraid of saying yes to certain things, whether it’s falling in love or going through with life changing decisions. It’s easy to take the easy way and not take any risks, but, in the end, you may regret.

On top of the impactful message in the song, “Say Yes” comprises a phenomenal bass and beat presence that contribute to the listener’s urge to sway the body. The backing vocals are beautiful and add color to the track.

The cherry on top would most definitely be Junior’s mesmerizing vocals that don’t fail to lure in the listener and hold their attention. Junior effortlessly shows his vocal range, quality, and control — his vocals are the reason why you don’t want the song to end. Junior’s voice has a lot of soul and originality but also sounds similar to Ne-Yo at times during the song, especially when hitting the higher notes flawlessly.

I have to admire the perfect blending of genres going on in the track. We hear a mixture of soul, pop, funk, and groove, which all compliments the singer’s vocals.

Overall, “Say Yes” is an incredible single with a lot of power and meaning, and is a perfect gift to the world. There’s no telling where Cris Cap and Junior will go in the future with their music careers, but there are no doubts that the two will go far in the future.

Written by Taylor Berry

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