“Something Is Happening” by La Sante

Soaring guitars, mesmerizing melodies, and airy vocals are just some of the signifying elements that make Stockholm, Sweden-based La Sante’s latest single, “Something Is Happening,” so welcoming and dreamy. La Sante is the dream-pop project of multi-talented musician Nikki Nyberg of Honeymilk and “Something Is Happening” is his third release. The track is guarenteed to take the listener on a dreamlike, intoxicating ride that they won’t want to get off.

“Something Is Happening” feels like a psychedelic journey, in the way the music slowly builds up from the subtle instrumental and Nikki’s whisper-like voice. About halfway through the song, Nikki’s voice takes a backseat while the trippy instrumental consisting of guitars and hard-hitting bass comes forward, this time with hazy drums at the forefront.

Something unique about the track is how it seemingly takes the listener on different routes; first, the track is quiet, not coming too close, then out of nowhere, loud and aggressive, only coming back to its somber beginning during the chorus. This seems not to be a coincidence; as Nikki stated, this was on purpose to signify life-changing moments: “Those moments in life…when you realize the gravitas of every moment”. Along with Nikki’s silky-smooth vocals, instrumentally, the track offers a perfect and elusive blend of hazy guitars, thumping bass, and airy synths. The combination of vocals and the mesmerizing instrumental brings forward a perfectly hypnotic, dreamlike atmosphere. 

“Something Is Changing” is an extremely enjoyable listen for anyone. Fans of dream pop, synthpop, indie pop, and bedroom pop won’t get enough of this beautifully crafted single. Be on the lookout for La Sante, as “Something Is Changing,” along with his two most recent singles, “Stick Around” and “We Belong Here,” will be featured on his upcoming debut album.

Photo credits: Gustaf Björlin Coverart & David Larsson

Written by Melissa Cusano






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