“Love” by Charlie Freeman

Coming from Portobello, London is singer/songwriter Charlie Freeman. His latest and second album “Love”, the follow up to 2018 debut “Truth”. Charlie performs live with a full band and writes heartfelt, catchy, melodic tunes about truth, love, freedom and connection. He says to be one part 70’s Rock n Roll, one part Britpop with a generous serving of Americana. According to Charlie, he is deeply passionate about music and its ability to bring people together.

The 11 song album starts off with “Freedom”, a true American song. When you listen to it, you just picture yourself in the car with the windows down and your hair blowing in the wind. He is using his platform, his voice to try to bring all people together and that exactly what his song “Freedom” is about.

The positive upbeat vibe continues through to the next few songs, but he switches the flow up on “Get Me Started”. This has a more sultry tone to it and it makes you want to D A N C E. In no time you’ll be singing “ohh hoo hoo” along with Charlie and forgetting about any worries you have.

Charlie shows his softer side with “Let There Be Love”, it has a bit of a country twang to it and the guitar mixed his vocals makes you relaxed. He singing about love but not in a cliche way, he makes his songs relatable which makes you love him even more.

Charlie Freeman is obviously doing something right, with 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners and almost half a million listens on his top song “London Night”. He is becoming a household name and a household sound, cooking and listening to Charlie Freeman has got to be one of the best things ever.

You can tell that Charlie put a lot of energy and work into his album “Love”, you can feel his passion and hear it in his voice. Charlie Freeman is truly an artist for everyone, it is insanely hard to not immediately love his music. He has a lot of variety and it always keeps you on your toes.

As the album comes to an end, you can’t help but to wish there was more. Thankfully his Spotify is full of his original and unique music, if you can’t get enough, you can check out his debut album “Truth”. He has plenty of music for you to enjoy and acoustic songs and covers on his YouTube page.

Charlie Freeman is spreading the message of love and once you hear the album, the message will be received. If you don’t already, you’re going to love Charlie Freeman.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Felix China




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