“Back to Life” by Lost Like Lions

Lost Like Lions is a pop rock/alternative band from Buffalo, New York. The three piece group consists of vocalist and guitarist Derrik Schiersing, Jamie Bigaj who is also on guitar and does backing vocals and Jim Kaczmarski is the drummer. For the last year and a half the band had been practicing, and working on their latest ep, and first one recorded together “The Devil That You Know”, which was be released June 12th, 2020. Now in 2022, Lost Like Lions has released their first single of the year “Back to Life.

There comes a point in most everyone’s life when you ask the question “Who am I?” Maybe you just finished school, maybe you left a job you were unhappy with, maybe you’re just stuck in a rut. You get to a point where you just want to shed off your current skin and become someone knew, become the person you want to be.

“Back To Life” is a song about reinventing yourself, and knowing that at the end of every problem or obstacle, there are always better days ahead. According to the group, the song ending with the line “Tell me everything’s gonna be alright one time” really seems to set the tone for the new ep, while the line “I saw the sunrise and it brought me back to life” really seems to set the tone for where they are at as a band currently. Re energized, and excited.

“Back to Life” starts off almost dreamy like, with a soft guitar and vocals and the subtlety of the drums. It get faster and it immediately gives you 2000s punk vibes, it makes you feel very nostalgic and hopeful. Lost Like Lions is making relatable music that you want to dance to or maybe intensely think about your problems.

They are a three piece band has a created a short and sweet song, it’s to the point. It’s a song that gives you butterflies and tears in your eyes. They are a band that you don’t want to miss out on, Lost Like Lions is making amazing music that is hard to not love.

“It’s always exciting putting out new music, every new batch of songs seems to bring back memories of this specific year of my life that I spent writing them with an acoustic guitar at home, then taking the skeleton of the song to the guys in the band, to spending the next however many weeks or months at practice really perfecting them. We’re on the verge of putting this new batch of songs out, and it’s really interesting comparing them to our last ep “The Devil That You Know” because when you listen to them back to back we really get the sense that we’ve grown over the last year or so. It’s like looking back at a family photo album. And that’s a really cool thing that I will get to look back on one day. I’m excited to add these songs to our discography and add this new chapter to our band’s story”. -Derrik Vocals/Guitar

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Brandi Amoia Photography





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