“Love Games” by VHCLE

If you want to go on a trippy, masterful journey while listening to music, listen to VHCLE’s latest track, “Love Games”. The sultry song sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack for HBO’s hit-show Euphoria: hazy instrumental, sensual vocals, and psychedelic, echo-like background vocals. “Love Games” is the ultimate song to drive down the beach to, party to, or relax. Honestly, the ways the song can be listened to are endless.

Just a month after their debut single “Dark Matter ”, VHCLE hasn’t taken any breaks, releasing the ultra-addicting “Love Games”, an elusive, dreamlike track. VHCLE, pronounced “Vehicle”  is a three-person project consisting of Kyle Piety as the composer, singer, lyricist, and producer, Chelsea Mikel as singer, songwriter, and lyricist, and Blind Bear as singer, songwriter, and lyricist. 

Chelsea Mikel’s distorted vocals, although in the background, are haunting, sounding like she’s a spirit trying to fight their way to the forefront. Kyle Piety and Blind Bear’s hypnotizing voices slowly creep in, getting louder and more aggressive, which tie in perfectly together, creating a truly unique experience. 

Although Kyle and Blind Bear’s vocals are more at the forefront, it is Chelsea’s captivating voice that gives the song its psychedelic feeling. Her haunting yet beautiful voice feels like the equivalent of floating on a cloud. Along with the vocals and dark instrumental, the track is accompanied by a music video, which has trippy visuals hinting at possible lovers, with the words “I Love You” and “I Hate You” appearing time and time again. Just as the music video and lyrics suggest, the song itself never gives away the full meaning of what “Love Games” is. 

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this sensual, head-trip of a song. VHCLE may only have two songs as of yet, but they are a rising group that is destined for success.

Photo credits

Art: Lee Jeffrey

Logo/Graphics: Number3

Written by Melissa Cusano

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