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Review & Interview: “Don’t Think About It (Too Much)” by Karl Ludwigsen

“Don’t Think About It (Too Much)” was released February 21, 2022 and was written by Karl Ludwigsen and Rachel Irene Jones. The song features vocals from Raena, known for her 2020 release “Can’t Stop Me.”

“Don’t Think About It (Too Much)” is a breakup song. The lyrics ask you to not think about the loss and relationship too much and never look back. Focus on your future and your life without them in it. Sometimes a breakup is what’s best for a couple and I think this song speaks to that circumstance. Don’t dwell on the past, basically. And that can be difficult to do because memories exist and they’re sometimes (okay, often) painful.

The composition of this song is just perfect for the lyrics, from the soft rolling of the drums in the beginning that mesh well with Raena’s voice and the introductory lyrics to the sforzando into the chorus. It actually works better than a crescendo, so I love that it was a little different than what most do. This song is a well-composed masterpiece.

The song is a little different from Karl Ludwigsen’s previous work which includes a jazzy and soulful “Thank You For Loving Me” with artist Jessie Wagner and the “Moon Theme” from DuckTales as well as a MoTown inspired “I Know It Won’t Be Long (Until You Go)” which he wrote and performed himself.

For more music by Karl Ludwigsen, follow him on his socials linked below. You can expect more great things from this Atlanta-based keyboardist and producer.

Q&A with Karl Ludwigsen

Q: Your main focus lies in soul, hip hop, and jazz. Are there artists in these genres that inspire you?

KARL: When I was young I listened to a good deal of Jazz and Motown and that’s what inspires me even today. Freddie Hubbard, Chet Baker, Joe Zawinul, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Cannonball Adderley are just too many to name. With more recent artists it’s harder for me to decide but I do get inspired by songs from Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars.

Q: What was creating “Don’t Think About It (Too Much)” like and what was your role in its creation?

KARL: I was the music producer. I hand picked every person who contributed to the track as well as writing the chords and organizing the overall structure of the song. It was fun to do something more poppy than I usually have done. The string part was a last minute addition that worked out really well. Kudos to Eli Staples for writing it.

Q: You’ve mentioned being involved with many bands, but how did you get your start in music?

KARL: I was fortunate to get started with piano lessons at age 10. I was writing music shortly after. I did my first professional gig when I was 14 playing trumpet at a wedding.

Q: What’s the music scene like where you’re from?

KARL: I feel embarrassed because I can’t speak to it lol. This serves as a reminder I am so involved in my own music. I may need to look up once in a while.

Q: You play keys, but are there any other instruments you know how to play?

KARL: I used to play trumpet and sax.

Q: What would you like to say to your followers?

KARL: I appreciate everyone offering their support. Every bit helps. I believe my best is yet to come!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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