“Tricks & Riddles” by TRKSTR

Coming from Mandeville, Jamaica comes TRKSTR, he is a unique solo artist that writes, performs, produces, mixes and masters all his own music. He’s always wanted to do music, since he was 13 he would write lyrics that come to mind instead of taking notes in class. Back in 2020 when Covid first hit he took the time to teach himself production and engineering and the rest is becoming history.

His latest single “TRKSTR” was recorded in his home studio. He made the bassline and drums but it needed a little something else so he sent the beat to his homie Ekove. When Evoke sent back the piano and trumpet TRKSTR fell in love, he took over from there and did the rest on his own.

TRKSTR has the voice and lyrical strength to make it big. “Tricks & Riddles” is his latest single, it’s is his way of saying “I’m here and no one and nothing is going to stop me”. With rhymes as smooth as butter and a beat that goes harder than it should, TRKSTR is surely to soon become your favorite rapper.

With funny and outgoing lines such as “These bitches think they fancyy, in reality they clueless. I think she want a Louis bag but she keeps saying Lewis.” When you hear that you immediately have to say damn and giggle because a diss like that is funny and smooth.

This jazz like lounge beat will have you bobbing your heads and relaxing and making the stank face. Even though he uses some explicit content, TRKSTR is so smooth and mature with his flow, this is something you can proudly show your parents. He is a rapper that you need to keep your eye on because he is making music for everyone, he is hard to not love.

“You can never chose your hand in life but a Trickster is someone who can knows how to win no matter what he’s dealt”- TRKSTR

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com/_svspekt/




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