“Change Your Ways” by Tyriek Clement

Upcoming rapper Tyriek Clement is speaking truth in his most recent single “Change Your Ways.” The 20-year-old musician talks about how crucial it is for the person he’s interested in to change their ways before making anything official, a lesson that many people should learn. Dripping with relevance, youth, swag, and truth, “Change Your Ways” connects with today’s audience.

Keeping it simple with the beat, Clement allows his lyrics to take center stage and project the song’s message — something you don’t see a lot in the rap genre, especially today. Clement demonstrates that he’s a versatile musician in this piece because along with spitting bars, he’s also flexing his vocal skills. The harmonies are superb and enhance the emotions in the track.

“You said you wanted label but we were never stable.” This lyric is the most impactful lyric in the song and the most ironic one. Many people can agree that it’s mainly women/girls who are quick to want labels in a relationship. The song and music video show that the female is the one being unfaithful and untrustworthy.

So, it makes you think, why would someone in an unstable relationship want labels when labels represent a stable relationship? It seems like, from listening to the song, that the unfaithful female in the song only wants labels for ownership (keeping other females from her guy) but doesn’t want to execute those responsibilities tied to those labels — like loyalty.

Clement created a masterpiece with this track and we will, undoubtedly, hear more music from him in the future — can’t wait!

Written by Taylor Berry

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