“’Til Your Heart Breaks” by Juna N Joey

Juna N Joey, a sibling duo with a country pop style, sing about the naivety of a person approaching their first heartbreak in their song “‘Til Your Heart Breaks.” With sweet vocals and swaying instrumentation, this song takes you through the pain of a heartbreak you never saw coming.

“I play it over and over what I could’ve done different.” The blindside of heartbreak will have you stuck in the past, wondering about the moment where things went wrong- and how you missed it. This fits perfectly with the opening line of the song: “suddenly every memory is burned in my mind.” You’ve watched all of your memories with this person so many times that they are practically seared into your brain. But no amount of reflection or hindsight can change the past. 

In the chorus, the line “you wonder why everyone hates heartache ‘til your heart breaks” really ties together the message of the whole song. Heartbreak can seem manageable until you actually experience it. 

It’s comforting to fall into the idea that if a relationship ends, it was meant to end. It may be sad, but moving on will come naturally because the relationship wasn’t meant to be. But then a relationship ends with no predictability. You don’t understand what went wrong and refuse to accept that you can’t fix it. You join everyone else in hating heartache. The journey from being naive in love to mourning that same love is beautifully described in “‘Til Your Heart Breaks.”

Warm harmonies, crisp vocals, and steady guitar take you through the emotions of realizing heartbreak is truly as hard as everyone says it is. “‘Til Your Heart Breaks” by Juna N Joey is incredibly moving and all too relatable. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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