If you want to listen to an excellent modern indie EP with elements of psychedelic pop, lofi, and bedroom pop, Tuval’s latest and sixth EP, “Core,” is for you. Consisting of four genre-fusing songs that are exhilarating and ultra-catchy, Tuval’s “Core” needs to be on every music lover’s radar. 

“Core” is Tuval’s most intimate project to date, tackling his personal battles with addiction, times of weakness, and more. The EP feels like a story, as each song has a different element of this story: his personal issues, love, and loss.

His first track, “And I Wanna Feel…” has a repertoire of instruments: soaring guitars, synths, and Tuval’s dreamy and trippy voice. Starting with high-pitch, melodic synths, “And I Wanna Feel…” is filled with lyrics of wanting to overcome his insecurities and want to feel normal: “And I wanna feel like I can be proud of this,” and “I wanna be part of the human race,” showcase those feelings of not believing in oneself that everyone can relate to. Aside from the meaningful lyrics, the hard-hitting instrumental takes the listener on a psychedelic journey. 

The next track, “Core” has a bit of a darker tone, with its gritty instrumental and a beautiful acoustic guitar element. Tuval’s voice takes a front seat in this track. The following track, “Wishes” takes an entirely different turn from “Core,” where it has a bit of a more upbeat feeling, and Tuval’s vocals are more fast-paced, as the instrumentals are all too. The song showcases an exhilarating guitar and lyrics, seemingly about a love interest: “Her eyes just sparkle,” and “These dreams are starting to feel real.” This track showcases Tuval’s positive attitude and how he is beginning to feel that his dreams are finally coming true. The last track on the EP, “Mind is for Real,” has the most rock feel to the entire project, with electric guitars, synths, and Tuval’s voice, which is much more low-toned and gritty. The song feels like an argument with himself, as it switches from rock to a melodic indie bedroom love tune at differing moments. 

Tuval’s “Core” is a fantastic EP that showcases Tuval’s undeniable talent. The way he mixes different genres, and how each track has an entirely different feel is extraordinary. The songs are a beautiful mix of being dreamy, hypnotic, and lovely, all at the same time, making his music so alluring and hard to put down.

Photo credits: Photographs by Saugaat Gurung.

Artwork by Liza Molnar.

Photo with the guitar & white frame by Henri Kisielewski.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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