“Moth To The Flame” by Ed Gage

Guitarist and vocalist Ed Gage, bassist Rik Fox, and Charlie Zeigler as the drum programer began in Los Angeles, and started off as a one man band, with Ed Gage then eventually branched off into two projects.

The EP starts with self titles “Moth To The Flame” which is a track that many artists can relate to whether if you’re a musician, an actor or anything else that branches off into success. “When people see that you’re succeeding they’re going to have a dangerous attraction to you like a moth to the flame”. Ed is right, this song is relatable on all levels. The feeling of only having “friends” because of your success. This guitar heavy song will have you making a stank face at all the fake friends.

“Metal Messiah” is keeping true to the classic rock sound, the echoing vocals mixed with the hard hitting drums and guitar you won’t be disappointed. When that high note is hit, you will be bouncing off the walls. Ed says that for the next single “Metal Messiah” he got inspiration from seeing a very interesting dystopian rock opera film from 1978 titled Metal Messiah and he thought with the metal genre being put into more obscurity now these days, a song about a savior of the genre would be a fun title.

Deep in the depths of the valley comes “The Depths of Valhalla”, Ed is just straight up killing the guitar solo, this instrumental song shows off his incredible skills. Your jaw will be dropped to the floor and you will be highly impressed. Ed is an amazing guitarist and “The Depths of Valhalla” will show you why.

As we get further into the EP, we get more relaxed and chill. “Dreamer’s Blues” is catchy blues track with some moderate heaviness. It is another instrumental that shows off the group as a whole. You get a similar vibe with “Hey Woman” but heavier and less bluesy. This song was originally recorded with lyrics but I think everyone can agree that the instrumental version is even better.

Ed Gage, is here for a long time, with music as great as his latest EP, there will be no way for him to not be loved. He is making classic sound music with relatable lyrics and instrumentals that will still have you feeling some type of way. This trio is a solid group that knows how to produce hits, you will regret not being one of the first people to discover Ed Gage.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Melayni Gage-Gracia




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