“A Waltz For No Ordinary Night” by C.M. Jenkins

There was a woman I worked for in Los Angeles who lived in an old photography studio turned home. Every time you walked in, there was some sort of instrumental playing. It gave the space this elegant enhancement. “A Waltz For No Ordinary Night” by C.M. Jenkins reminds me of those moments sitting at her dining table with the California sun beaming in. This song offers a classical soundscape that is as timeless as it is charming. 

You can’t help but feel a bit fancy when a song like “A Waltz For No Ordinary Night” comes on. It lends itself to the imagery of art galleries, the opera, a nice night out. For C.M. Jenkins though, his latest release was done during a night in. Penned back in the winter of 2019, Jenkins threw himself into this piece that started in one place and evolved into what’s now a classical song that gives way to a rhythmic cascade of movement. Whether a scene on a grand stage or in a movie with wide shots showcasing every step, this song was meant for more than just listening, it was meant for Jenkins on the piano and at least two dancers performing in sync.  

“A Waltz For No Ordinary Night” is C.M. Jenkins’ fourth single, but first of the new year. His debut, ‘First Movements Along A Curve,’ is coming along so fans of this track can keep an eye out for that. So while you patiently wait for the whole record to drop, make sure to check out all that C.M. Jenkins currently has to offer on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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