“The People You Meet” by L’Resorts

“Would you love me if I had no skin?” 

Not only a question that perks the ears up but also one heck of a line to kickstart a song. That’s what you get when you press play on the infectious yet laid-back single, “The People You Meet” from L’Resorts.

“The People You Meet” is one of those songs you’re going to want to go back to for more because it’s got intriguing lyrical content that makes you stop dead in your tracks and go, “Wait, did they just say…?” Then once you grasp the concept of the song you realize that it’s this beautiful music moment between two artists. Yes, a dynamic pair makeup L’Resorts and the way their folk and pop elements mold together makes for a great listening experience throughout this track, a track that can be found on their 2020 release, ‘Bad Love.’ On that album “The People You Meet” is nestled in between the throwback grooves of “But Don’t Leave Me” and the dreamy ways of “Searchin’.” It gives way to this sort of back and forth sing-a-long moment that has cute country elements to it that are undeniable. 

Those who love music that can transport them back to the ‘60s and early ‘70s will want to check out all that L’Resorts has to offer. That includes a handful of albums including 2021’s ‘Vacation.’ To hear all of that, including “The People You Meet,” make sure to check out L’Resorts on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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