“And Then You Wonder…” by S J Denney

Photo Credit: Hester Denney

Having just passed the second anniversary of when reality as we know it shifted in a very dramatic, and oftentimes traumatic, way it was only fitting to toss on a song inspired by it all, “And Then You Wonder…” by S J Denney. 

If there is one thing that is always going to happen after a major event, it is art. There have been a sea of songs and concept albums coming from every direction that have taken every aspect of the pandemic and spun them into something enjoyable, and “And Then You Wonder” from S J Denney is no different. What I like most about this one though is that you get such a straightforward singer-songwriter performance from S J Denney, but behind him is so much theatrics going on.

The musical arrangement was flourishing from the press of play. In many ways it reminded me of the past couple of years, sitting at home sort of moving about at a slower pace while the world outside my door was going 100mph. Was that S J Denney’s intention? Perhaps so, or I’m just digging into this classical meets modern pop song. Either way, it is definitely different yet satisfying. 

“And Then You Wonder…” is the latest single from this UK-based artist. It follows the release of his 2021 EP, ‘Beneath The Skin,’ his fifth since 2015’s ‘Night & Day.’ To hear all of those and more from S J Denney, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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