” Lilac Screen”- Satchit

London songwriter Satchit uses his undeniable musical ability to address broken media, what we consume daily, and the gap between truth and falsity in his latest track “Lilac Screen.” Catchy melodies, Satchit’s impressive voice effortlessly switching from soprano-toned vocals to R&B-esque rap vocals, and an overall chilled atmosphere; “Lilac Screen ” is a unique track that has a much deeper meaning about the media we consume.

R&B/alt artist Satchit is from the province of South London, Croydon, where he has been in the music scene since a young age. Beginning off with the award-winning acapella group, “Semi-Toned,” he perfected his craft as an artist before leaving, creating a distinctive sound for himself. His music is unique in the way it blends different genres of music from bedroom pop all the way to R&B; fans of Frank Ocean or Gus Dapperton, who differ in their music, will love Satchit’s exceptional sound, showcasing his range as an artist.

“Lilac Screen” tests the listener to think about the media they consume daily. Every day, we are thrown into a false reality with the news, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook; the list goes on and on. With Covid-19 having us locked up in our houses for two years, this obsession with media has only gotten stronger. While Satchit delivers meaningful lyrics, the chill tone and distorted synths add to that “false reality” feeling, showing one must listen to hear what he is talking about, just like the media we consume. 

Profound lyrics such as, “we believe what we see; we receive what we read” and “it’s about time I knew what they mean on the news; what do we have to do to believe? what do they want our minds to receive?”, highlights the way we consume news and media all the time, but usually take it as fact without questioning the motive behind it. “Lilac Screen” is a beautiful and unique alternative R&B track that is destined to get those who listen to think about what they consume. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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