“Comfort Blues” by BC Roadz

If one were to take the luggage of a dozen or so strangers and roll around in them to create an ensemble, the results would likely sound something like “Comfort Blues” by BC Roadz. It’d be a wild collection of variety that somehow comes together because all of the pieces are there and in place. It’s about the diversity of styles with this Texas-based musician. 

When I pressed play, BC Roadz gave me very big Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby” vibes with the sultry meets singer-songwriter way he delivered this spoken word moment that definitely drew me in and made me interested in what was to come. What followed was quite the audible adventure. BC Roadz definitely doesn’t like to give it to you straight. There are layers upon layers that go into his style, and many can be found in “Comfort Blues.” As one can probably get from the title, Blues are ever-present throughout but are presented with a bit of a hip hop edge. Even elements of country sneak into the mix. 

Once you wrap your head around the cascade of styles BC Roadz has going on, you can dive deeper into the song and overall, this is one you want to see live because this Houston artist, in many ways, dives into a character when performing this. You can hear and almost envision the theatrics he’d bring when presenting this on a stage. It’s all so unique, and an intriguing approach to music. 

To hear “Comfort Blues” and more, including his 2022 EP ‘I Hate Everything,’ make sure to check out BC Roadz on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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