“Honey Locust Trees” by BADSOMA

The newest entry in singer songwriter Armin Fard’s psych-pop solo project BADSOMA, is a vibrantly addictive indie pop song that reveals more of Fard’s incredible musicianship.

BADSOMA is defined by unique artistry and vision that allows deep messages and meanings to interlace organically with ingenious melodies and lush sonic soundscapes. “Honey Locust Trees” has a distinct groove that builds and builds to a climatic finish. Driven by a minimalist synth progression, the track has an ethereal tension that makes it aggressively addictive.

The vocal melody demands your attention and you’ll be more than happy to give it. Simple in premise but executed with maturity and poise, the performance elevates the single and adds a pop appeal. Exploring soundscapes in the same vein as Radiohead’s ecstatic creativity and Tame Impala’s psychedelic flourishes, BADSOMA’S captivating sound is equal parts original and familiar.

Only the second single released, “Honey Locust Trees” is an exciting glimpse into the creative genius driving BADSOMA. Driving on the success of his first single “Heat and Disorder”, Fard has expanded his sound whilst staying true to his unique sound. An amazing song with gorgeous production and clever, mature songwriting “Honey Locust Trees” is the perfect introduction to BADSOMA’S sound. Stream the new single today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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