“One” by Little Victories

Little Victories, the British three-person group, has a new, beautiful, thought-provoking EP, “One.” The group features Naomi Catherine Shalom on vocals, keyboards, and trigger pads, Marcus Gooda on vocals and bass, and Sam Rose on guitars; honorable mention is Bertie Atkinson on the drums. The group’s distinctive and unique sound is truly something special. Consisting of four memorable tracks, “One” is an EP for indie rock, pop, and melodic rock lovers. 

Something unique about Little Victories is the emotional feeling it encapsulates; one can hear the pain and emotion in both Shalom and Gooda’s voices, while the instrumentals tell a story right alongside the lyrics. The EP deals with hard-hitting topics such as love, loss, and mental health.

The first song on the EP, “Another Rush,” consists of melodic guitars, Gooda’s hushed vocals, and an ultra-catchy sound. The following track, “Love Gets Me Down,” has a melancholy feeling, with a somewhat upbeat instrumental, but emotional lyrics such as “Torn up pictures from yesterday’s feelings; just can’t shake this feeling,” showcasing loneliness. “Fool” features more of Shalom’s beautiful, unique voice, dealing with heartbreak and the emptiness that comes with it. “Set in Stone,” has Shalom’s hushed, almost cry-like vocals, which provoke an extreme emotional feeling within the listener. 

When discussing the EP, Little Victories hopes that their music will resonate with listeners, and it will be something they come back to when they need someone to lean on. This EP is just that, as it deals with topics that are hard to talk about, but it is truly healing when it comes in the form of music.

Photo credits: Simon Treasure

Written by Melissa Cusano

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