“Mosquito Tweeter” by Shafkkat

Shafkkat aka Taz Hussain is a London based electronic music producer best known for his work in dance music and his talent goes beyond that. He creates a wide range of electronic music, his work is diverse and ranges from warm experimental grooves to upbeat explosive breaks.

Cue the foot tapping and head bobbing, “Mosquito Tweeter” starts off very calm, cool and collected. It’s gives off the vibes of shuffling on the dance floor but it doesn’t start that way. Shafkkat eases you into “Mosquito Tweeter”, the chill old school drum track, with lyrics that instantly get you hooked. The remix of Nina Simones song will have your jaw dropped.

Sometimes people talk too much, they get to repetitive and talk just to talk. As if you didn’t notice the redundancy of their words. They tend to be “rapping about the same ole thing”. Shafkkat steps back into his club roots with “Mosquito Tweeter”, the raspy vocals mixed with the beat makes you uncontrollably make a stank face.

“Mosquito Tweeter” will have you turning your bedroom into a club, you’ll be inviting your friends over for a dance party with “Mosquito Tweeter” on repeat. What is a mosquito tweeter…..? It doesn’t matter, this remix will have your feet moving like they’ve never moved before.

Shafkkat is going to quickly become a favorite producer of yours, it’s amazing to turn a Nina Simone song into a dance hit but Shafkkat did it. You will want to hear this song on repeat and you won’t get tired of it. Shafkkat is an upcoming producer that you won’t want to miss out on.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Noé Solange




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