“Timewaster” by Galaxy Thief

One of UK’s brightest rising rock acts, Galaxy Thief’s new single “Timewaster” is a mature indie rock track that explodes with purpose from its opening bars.

“Timewaster” sparks a new chapter for Galaxy Thief as they release their first single under new front man and co-writer, Rhys Messenger. Along with Messenger, the band have premiered a new sound full of grit and hard-hitting rhythm sections that has helped them amass a budding fan base and attention from the press. Made up of Ben, George, Jake and now Rhys, the groups music is vivacious and vibrant with clever chord progressions, awesome rhythm sections and relentlessly impressive performances coming to define their artistry.

The track features an impressive vocal performance from Messenger that sits atop the 80’s tinged soundscape effortlessly thanks to “Timewaster”s  solid production. Recorded in their own farm-based studio in the South coast of England, the track has a signature homegrown sound that adds to their originality and unique sound. The band have notched up several hundred live performances throughout the UK (including main stage at the British Grand Prix and The Invaders of the Future stage at BESTIVAL), wrote and recorded their first EP ‘Mind Games’ and released a string of singles which have all received significant radio play including BBC Introducing. Their track ‘Money’ featured on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and Sky MYTV ‘My Top Ten’.  Galaxy Thief have also recorded with solo artist and fellow YML Ambassador stable-mate, Amber T, on their Spring 2021 single ‘Shaken’

Anthemic and an exciting new glimpse into Galaxy Thief’s growing discography, “Timewaster” is the perfect track to help sink your teeth into the upcoming bands amazing sound. Stream the new single now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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